Pay once, smash your tasks, never pay again

TinyWins was built to help your productivity and reward you for staying productive. In TinyWins there isn’t any monthly subscription fee.

You pay to sign up. Complete a task every 24 hours :hourglass: and you’ll never have to pay again. If you forget to do a task in 24 hours, you’ll lose a heart. But don’t worry you start out with 3 hearts.

If you slack off and lose all your hearts, you can keep your tasks by paying to replenish your hearts. If you choose not to pay, you can still play but TinyWins deletes all your tasks.

TinyWins costs $6 to sign up.

Features you’ll get

  • Motivation - Or you might call it stress or accountability. A system to help you keep the ball rolling forward.
  • Clear mind - Dump all the things you need to get done into TinyWins so you can focus your energies on something creative like tying a blanket around your neck and pretending to be a super hero with your kid. Or creating a coffee table photobook of cereal boxes from around the world.
  • Always with you - Your to-do app is only as good as the one that is always with you. Whether you’re at your desk, on the go :running: or on the can :toilet:. Wherever you’ve got Internet you can access your tasks on TinyWins.
  • Subtasks - Smash :punch: tasks into smaller bite-sized tasks.