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Discussing pricing with my wife

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Written by Michael Lee

Last night before drifting off to bed, my wife asked how TinyWins was going. I told her that I was in the middle of putting together the marketing pages such as the front page, pricing page and the blog. She asked me how much TinyWins would cost and I told her it’d cost $9 to sign up and $9 every time they need to replenish their hearts.

At this, she kind of scolded me and said who would pay that much? I told her the reason for this was that there should be a slightly high price to use the app because it was a factor to keep people accountable to keep completing tasks. I also reassured her that as long as people keep getting tasks done, that the app is essentially free.

So then I asked her how about $6 to sign up and replenish? She said it is still too high. She argued, she’d just “uninstall” (there’s nothing to uninstall it’s a web app :wink:) the app and use something else. My counter argument was that there are some folks who spend that much or more on Stabucks coffee. She wasn’t buying it.

Doing some quick numbers in my head, if someone was to potentially not do any tasks for an entire month, they would be charged roughly ten times. Since there are 3 hearts and roughly thirty days in a month. So every 3 days they would be charged. So if I was to charge someone $9 to replenish their hearts they could potentially pay $90 to use TinyWins.

On the flip side, if I was to charge $3 to sign up and $3 every time someone needs to replenish their hearts, the cost is a lot lower. Worst case scenario $30 for an entire month. But I’m guessing that most people will probably only replenish their hearts once in a month or every few months. This could be a positive thing for me since $3 for TinyWins might be a price insensitive cost. Meaning the price is so minimal a person might not care much.

Cost will definitely be something to experiment with as TinyWins rolls out to being public and getting users on board. But I’ve decided with the convincing from my wife that to sign up will be $3 and to replenish your heart it’ll cost $3. You can thank my wife for that. TinyWins is beginning to become a family business :smile:.