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Using TinyWins to onboard

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Written by Michael Lee

The other day I invited a friend to beta test TinyWins. He shared some first impressions in an email after using it for a little bit which was really insightful. One of the things that I noticed is that although TinyWins’ interface is pretty simple, it has a little bit of a learning curve.

This is because some design decisions were made early on that might not fit a user’s expectations. One of those expectations was one that my friend shared with me. When he single-clicked a task, he had expected the ability to edit it. Instead a single-click on a task in TinyWins toggles a task from being complete or incomplete. To edit, a user must double-click on a task.

The thought behind the single-click to toggle completeness and double-click to edit was that a user would frequent changing a task to complete then edit. In a prior time, the only way a task could be completed or incompleted, was to click on the circle icon next to the task title. I could’ve then allowed for a task to be single-clicked to edit like my friend’s expectation. But I found that clicking on the circle on mobile to be quite hard because of it’s small hit-area. By making the entire task title clickable to toggle completeness, it makes for a better mobile experience.

I could leave it for future users to discover these interactions on their own. But I thought it would be neat to use TinyWins to help onboard new users. I’ve seen this before in Basecamp. How they use a premade project to help introduce Basecamp to new users. As such, new users of TinyWins will now be presented with a task with subtasks, to help teach them about how to use TinyWins.