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Journal is a peek inside what it takes to build and run TinyWins.

Baking in empathy

Apr 29, 2017

It finally happened, I lost all my hearts in TinyWins and for some reason, I forgot to hit continue to replenish my hearts and TinyWins did what it was programmed to do…delete all of my tasks :sob:.

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Subtask progress bar

Mar 22, 2017

Breaking tasks into smaller, bite-sized tasks are what helps me get a lot of things done. That was one of the first features I built into TinyWins. For a couple of weeks now, I had an idea to enhance the subtask UI.

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TinyWins' tech stack

Mar 4, 2017

TinyWins has been a pretty big learning experience for me. End to end it is built in JavaScript. I chose JavaScript because it is the language I’m most comfortable with, which also means I have the most fun building with.

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