Answers to ease your mind about questions about TinyWins

Does TinyWins bill monthly?

Nope, TinyWins charges you once to sign up and then any time you’ve lost all your hearts, to replenish them.

What happens when I lose all my lovely hearts?!

We were hoping by giving you three, that’d be enough to keep you happy for a while. But if you lost all your hearts, no worries. You’ll be presented with a continue screen which will give you the option to replenish your hearts for $6.

But beware, you must replenish your hearts before the counter on the screen reaches zero…

What happens when the counter on the continue screen reaches zero?

Well, TinyWins will delete all your tasks…FOR-EV-ERRRR! But, all your hearts will replenish for free and you can keep using TinyWins to smash through all the tasks you need to get done.

What if the Internet went down before I can replenish my hearts? Does that mean the counter reached zero and I’ve lost all my tasks?

Hmmm while I hope that never happens, it is a likely scenario though. So we’ve built in some safe guards so that your tasks aren’t deleted FOR-EV-ERRRR! Just shoot us an email and we’ll help you recover your precious to-dos.

So, what you’re telling me is, I could pay once and potentially use TinyWins for free after that forever?

Hey! You’re a smart cookie! That’s right. You pay once to sign up for TinyWins, but after that as long as you keep knocking out your tasks every 24 hours and keep your hearts from disappearing, TinyWins doesn’t charge you ever again.

If you do lose all your hearts, you can replenish them for another $6 on the continue screen. Or you could let the counter on the continue screen go to zero, TinyWins will delete all your current tasks and all your hearts will be replenished again.

Who runs TinyWins?

That’d be me, Michael. I’m a work-from-home dad, that’s a programmer, loves to eat pizza and run TinyWins by myself. TinyWins is built, designed, marketed and funded solely by me.

Why isn’t TinyWins free?

As mentioned above, since TinyWins is a one person operation, all of its costs comes out of my pocket. In order for TinyWins to survive, I’ve got to charge monies :moneybag:.

What’s TinyWins built on?

Well coffee, code and this tech stack for the more curious.