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Pinned tasks

Apr 17, 2017

Tasks in TinyWins are ordered in most recently created to the oldest from top to bottom. Which means if you’ve got a ton of tasks to get done or aren’t good at clearing out your daily tasks, things can get lost. But what if there are some tasks that need to be front and center and require your attention first?

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Visualizing your progress with the subtask progress bar

Mar 22, 2017

Breaking tasks down into smaller tasks is a way TinyWins helps you keep your momentum in getting things done. Now you can quickly glance at your tasks that have subtasks to get a sense of how much progress you’re making with the new progress bar.

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Introducing TinyWins

Feb 18, 2017

I’ve abandoned most to-do apps I’ve ever used. Either because they were too complicated and it was a task in itself to use or because I neglected my task list and never took action on the things I needed to get done.

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