TinyWins is a simple to-do app for busy geeks, built by a busy geek.

Hi I’m Michael. I’m a husband, father and programmer. With tasks between house chores, juggling two busy toddlers, full-time work and just life, I realized I was getting mentally exhausted from trying to remember all the things that I had to get done.

I’ve tried a great deal of to-do apps out there but they were either too complex or had features that I thought were unnecessary.

I needed a simple to-do app to do two things well.

First, it needs to be able to capture tasks quickly and easily.

Second, it needs to help me take action on my tasks.

Launched in February 2017, TinyWins is a simple to-do app for busy geeks like me with a little homage to the RPGs I grew up with.

Built by a busy geek

TinyWins is built, maintained, supported and bootstrapped by a single person. As the only person behind TinyWins, I keep a journal of design, development and business decisions made in keeping the app running. If you’re interested in getting a inside look at how it’s made, check out the journal.